There is an infinite variety of traditional dresses that are rich in aesthetic beauty when we examine India's diverse clothing culture. But when it comes to weddings, every religion in India has a unique approach to the culture and traditions, whether it’s following certain customs or opting for traditional dresses.

We at Comprro have incorporated your taste in outfits for your special day and provided you with ample options of the latest and trendy designs in various shades, patterns, sizes, etc. You will find a wide range of wedding dresses for brides at a reasonable price.

Take inspiration from these traditional, beautiful wedding dresses which range from bridal gowns to trending bridal lehengas  from different states and dress up to enjoy the wedding function to the fullest.


Kerala brides look stunning in the Kasavusaree (a white saree with a golden border). The  designer saree is considered very auspicious and is worn by women on every special occasion. Flowers are extensively used for hair styling in weddings. While giving due respect to the culture, the Kasavusaree is also a top pick to adorn an Onam look in Kerala. This simple yet beautiful outfit never fails to deliver comfort and elegance.

Tamil Nadu

A Tamil wedding is an example of the diverse culture and traditions practised in southern India. Tamil brides wear beautiful traditional Kanjeevaramsarees in bright hues and gold jewellery to complete the look; they look ravishing! No Tamil marriage is complete without the women wearing famine flowers on their heads.


When we think of a Punjabi wedding, three things come to mind right away: food, fun, and dance. A Punjabi wedding is all about living life to the fullest. In addition to that, extravagant decor and shimmering traditional bridal kurtas with chuda are also parts that can't be neglected. Comprro has an amazing collection of traditional designer kurtis for the bride, which simply look stunning and add more glam to weddings. 


Bengal has the most vibrant culture. Bengali weddings are unique, fun, and eye catching as well. The Bengali brides often prefer red, pink, and maroon shades of Banarasi silk designer saree for weddings that make them look more stunning. Shakha (white conch shell bangles), Pola (red coral bangles), and Noa (gold-plated iron bangles) are the three mandatory parts of Bengali bridal jewellery. She resembles a goddess due to the large red bindi in the centre.The bride also wears appropriate jewellery. 


A Maharashtrian wedding is another Indian wedding where rituals and customs are given a lot more importance than expected.Maharashtrian brides dress in silk sarees with colourful gold borders. Yellow or marigold with red, green, or purple is the most popular colour combination. The brides look stunning in the Nauvarisaree with green bangles, a half-moon bindi, and a Nath, which is considered the most important accessory for the Maharashtrian bride. The bride wears the saree in dhoti style, which is also known as a indo western saree giving it a more traditional and aesthetic look. This is the coolest outfit idea ever. 


Gujarati weddings are known for their colourful culture, warm hospitality, and delightful cuisine. The brides wear Gujarati sarees in bright colours. Many brides also prefer to wear the most recent trending lehengacholis. The brides usually wear a Gujarati Embroidery work saree with some jewellery, and they are done with the look! They usually amplify their charm by wearing ornaments like damini, rani haar, bangles, and earrings.


We've now arrived at the most lovely wedding tradition. Yes, it’s a Karnataka wedding. Their wedding is the most adorable one. The bride wears a saree with a band on her head. Her face is hidden with a peacock feather. Karnataka weddings are simple, with less pomp and circumstance and more emphasis on traditional rituals. In most cases, the brides dress in a white saree with a zari border. Some brides prefer to wear brightly coloured sarees draped in the Coorg style. Comprro has a large selection of designer sarees online, which may also be dressed as a bridesmaid to give additional glam to the most loved wedding tradition.

Jammu and Kashmir 

Jammu and Kashmir are not only known for their spellbinding valley but also for their rich cultural heritage. The bride wears a pheran, which is a long-sleeved kurta, and a pashmina; the brides look as regal and elegant as they are. Kashmiri brides also opt for a bridal saree or lehenga instead of the complete pheran. At comprro you can opt for a designer kurta for women for your big day.


Rajasthani weddings are vibrant celebrations filled with energy and tradition. When it comes to their wedding attire, Rajasthani brides have a royal appearance; they wear a LehengaCholi with a long odhani, one end of which is tucked in the Ghaghra and the other should be on the head. A Rajasthani bride gives off a regal vibe. The bridal accessories mainly include jewellery designed with stones like emeralds and diamonds, RajasthaniNath, juttis, etc. Comprro is the best online shopping site for lehengascholi and saree for brides on their special day.


Bihari weddings are uniquely celebrated for four to five days. Red and yellow are considered auspicious and sacred colours, and brides wear red or yellow dresses, such as lehengacholis and designer sarees, from the engagement ceremony to the wedding day. The bride completes her look with gold jewellery, which includes a gold choker, chandrahar, tiki (maang tikka), and bangles.

There is variety in every style you come across in India. If you are hunting for the best of these designs, your search ends here! We at Comprro have an extensive collection that can ultimately fulfil all your wedding outfit demands. The various customs that exist in each state of our nation help to explain how diverse we are while remaining one. Though we largely differ from each other, we respect the other cultures and remain unbreakable as Indian citizens. Give each of them a try, feel the beauty of our culture through these traditional outfits, and endeavour for your best look for your special occasion.

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