Top 10 Women Ethnic Wear Online Sites

Indian traditional clothing has a certain charm that contributes to its high demand. Indian traditional clothing is such a beautiful trend that people readily pick for it for various events, even for foreigners. Indeed, no item of apparel compliments the Indian physique as much as ethnic dress. India is slowly embracing online shopping. Many individuals currently choose to purchase anything and everything online, from groceries to women ethnic wear.

The top 10 online stores where you can get Indian ethnic apparel are included in this post. Top-notch websites that meet the needs of high fashion are required due to the never-ending desire for traditional clothing. Read on to find out which website suits your fashion taste.  


This Jaipur-based ready-to-wear business has earned a reputation for producing feminine casual clothing that is both adaptable and forceful. With its use of novel materials, vibrant patterns, and precise craftsmanship, Bunaai has impacted several Indian businesses. It also won the hearts of the majority of Indian women.


Comprro is a new and unique online shopping platform particular to ethnic wear. It is a website that connects buyers and artists from all around the world and India. Many clients have been drawn in by their all-encompassing strategy for enhancing the unique fashion of traditional attire. Comprro has a versatile collection serving the needs of most of its customers successfully. 

For those who like their ethnic wear trendy and comfortable, try out Comprro for your new traditional collections. Comprro will help jazz up your ethnic look with its dynamic collection. 


Biba is a label famous for its spunky women’s ethnic wear collection. Biba is purely a women’s clothing brand, and their little girls’ collection is also worth a try. Biba’s comprehensive collection is funky and vibrant. Their sequence work, embroidery, and tasteful colors coordinate the entire look. Biba is more frequently chosen by working women because of the Indo-Western styling. From chic salwar suits to stylish kurtis to a dizzying array of Indo-western clothes, Biba has infused a touch of Indianness into every aspect of their collection. Almost all of the states in the nation have the Biba brand.

Global Desi

One of the most cost-effective online shopping destinations for ethnic and Indo-Western clothing is Global Desi. Their aesthetic collection catches the eye of many modern traditional wear lovers. This brand is also women's only. They have a large selection of ethnic clothing.Sarees, kurtis, and sundresses in ethnic styles are trademarks of Global Desi. The Global Desi collection is perfect for women who enjoy dressing bohemian for their outings. Every collection is designed to be adorned with optimism and self-expression because the brand believes that each day is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, that each moment is unique, and that we are here to make every day beautiful.

W for Women

W for Women is another long-running contender among brands providing ethnic wear for women. Their mix-and-match aesthetic is really classy, and they have a wide selection of both everyday clothing and party attire. W designers take inspiration from the latest fashion trends and forecasts from the West and transform them into silhouettes and styles acceptable to the modern Indian woman. This is a brand that likes to experiment with contemporary styles and give everyday ethnic wear with a modern twist. You could find yourself purchasing a dozen of the amazing kurtas that are offered on this website.


Jaypore is an Indian ethnic clothing business that takes pleasure in blending traditional motifs into contemporary cutting. This firm depends significantly on classical designs to make sarees, readymade clothes, and other ethnic clothing that speak of the history of a bygone era while preserving a modern approach in its stitching patterns. Jaypore, a relatively new player in the online retail space, is quickly gaining traction in this market by relying on its exemplary track record of customer satisfaction. Jaypore also has an equally eye-catching men’s collection on its site. 


Being a classic in a world full of trends is the goal of Craftsvilla.  The craftsvilla collection is very stunning and colourful. makes use of a marketplace idea to showcase the cultural richness of India. This voyage, according to the brand, will not only benefit Indian creatives but will also allow customers to discover and purchase things that they would not be able to do otherwise. Embrace the variety of styles in this era of trend merging with Craftsvilla. They launch fresh designs every day, and the prices are also very modest for each and every product.


The largest private market in India for goods made using manual methods, age-old methods, and traditional techniques is called Fabindia. There is a great selection of women's apparel here as well. A significant portion of Fabindia's website is devoted to handloom, which is a treasure trove for many individuals. Customers are drawn to Fabindia's items on an aesthetic level since the company's clothes are handwoven and created from hand-printed textiles. The goods of Fabindia are characterised as fully organic, converted, or natural.


Indya, a fast fashion company, was founded on the idea of rethinking ethnic wear and design, taking into account the modern Indian woman’s lifestyle and aesthetics. By providing fuss-free, simple-to-wear designs with a twist, the company continuously reinvents traditional Indian clothing as an ethno-fusion wear label. The brand's merchandise is described as "modern-ethnic wear." Indya is a brand that promises high-quality designs and materials for its products. Their bright assortment of holiday apparel will undoubtedly capture your attention. 

The Loom

The Loom is another website that one can head to while opting for sophisticated designs that are meant to make a statement. The brand makes each of its clothes in limited quantities. Therefore, the likelihood of running into someone wearing the same kurta or salwar kameez as you is slim if you sit back and order from this establishment. 

It is safe to state that the existence of internet portals advertising designer ethnic wear is one of the factors contributing to its rising appeal among younger generations. 

For people who like to indulge in traditional wear with a contemporary take, do try out the Comprro. You will have plenty of options from which to choose from their extensive collection of ethnic clothing.