Year after year, wedding ensembles create their own trends and styles. Some of them remain, others wane away, and others have been going on for years but still stay strong. These days, brides are all about embracing off beat choices when it comes to choosing the outfit for their wedding. Every year, new styles come out to match the rising expectations of the brides.

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Anarkali Silhouette

Anarkali Silhouette or A-line lehengas are the ones that will never go out of style. It has a tea length and a sheer covering that adds a millennial touch to the look. The feeling of twirling in this flared outfit is just ethereal!

This silhouette lehenga can also be customised, just like the flare can be enhanced with a can can and umbrella cut while maintaining the Anarkali look. It is a traditional and stunning style that many millennium brides have adopted due to its endless charm.

Technicolor Lehenga

Technicolor lehengas are back in trend, evoking all sorts of nostalgia for the 90s generation. They have become the absolute favourite of millennial brides. Designer Amit Aggarwal mainly channels this pattern in his work and has been at the forefront of this trend. We are sure the bridal lehengas in 2023 will continue to embrace these metallic, technicolour silhouettes!

Many brides go for this new trend and flaunt it in their unique ways. This trendy lehenga makes the perfect choice for the cocktail and mehendi ceremonies. You can always experiment and opt for this style for your wedding lehenga.

Dramatic trails

A queen look is the dream look of every Indian bride. Sweeping lehenga trails uplift your look and add the oomph factor.

If you want a dramatic and grand look for your wedding, then a trail lehenga is the best choice for your special day. It is simple yet beautiful that any bride would be happy to wear. You can experiment with the colour of your choice and have a scenic trail attached to your wedding lehenga, from champagne gold to red or pastel pink.

White and Off white lehenga

When it comes to an Indian traditional wedding, we adore the colors of the bridal lehenga, like red, pink, and orange. However, with the influence of western culture, Indian brides have shown interest in a white or off white lehenga.

There are many couples who have decided to color co-ordinate their white wedding outfits for their big special day. Off-white lehengas have a mischievous element that makes them look elegant and perfect for an Indian bride.

The best part of this kind of bridal lehenga is, it will look amazing in daylight but also at night, shining its impeccability in a whimsical, modern night phera set up.

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Printed lehenga

When it comes to choosing between comfort and style, brides are opting for the former more than the latter for their wedding functions. Today, more and more brides are choosing printed lehengas for their pre wedding functions like mehendi and haldi. These lehengas are not only comfortable and relaxed but stunning at the same time. The plus side of the printed lehenga is that we can reuse it later. One can never go wrong with the elegance and style of the printed lehenga.

Vibrant and unconventional hue

The bridal lehenga keeps surprising me again and again. Brides opt for the lehenga in a traditional red color or an utterly bold color like yellow, orange, or turquoise blue. If you are tired of neutrals, reds, or pastels, these vibrant and conventional hues are just for you!

The vibrant color brightens the look and gives your bridal lehenga a royal designer look.

Shimmer stay strong

Like every year, the shimmer continues to be strong this year as well. Whether it is mirror work, sequins, or metallic embroidery, shimmer in every form will be a favourite choice for brides. You deserve to shine on your special day, which is why shimmering lehengas are the top choice! Whether you choose this shimmery lehenga for your cocktail function or your wedding day, it will look gorgeous.

Heavy can can for the princess look

The look of a bridal lehenga is incomplete without can can as it adds a huge amount of fluff and flare. A can can is a simple net added underneath the skirt layer to add volume to your lehenga and give the perfect princess look for your special day. If you are the one who loves the flared lehenga, then you can opt for the lehenga with can can.

Purple obsession

The Pantone has been released as the color of the year and has become the newest emerging trend of 2023. The shade has become an eye-catching color as it is incorporated very easily into our bridal outfits. The shade look is inspired by the hues of blue and purple-red undertones. This versatile color can be worn for your pre wedding functions like mehendi or roka ceremonies. You can even opt for an ombre outfit with different shades of purple for an elegant look.

Pastle and floral embroideries

Pastels and floral embroidery lehengas have been a raging trend for the past few years. The pastel color has seen a massive upsurge in Indian weddings. This year also, many brides will rock pastel lehengas with floral embroidery for their pre wedding ceremonies. Pastel lehengas will never go out of style. The beautiful combination of pastel colors and floral embroidery will make the dress look ethereal on your special day.

Gold lehenga

Gold is going to work well for 2023 weddings, as brides are opting to wear off the bet and dazzling golden lehengas like queens. Golden lehengas give a rich and majestic look to the brides. With a golden lehenga, you can easily style your jewelry. Whether it is traditional jewelry or contemporary, everything looks great with this lehenga. Comprro is the right shop for golden lehenga choli online that will make you look drop dead gorgeous.

Cape style dupatta

Cape style dupattas are the new trend to style the dupatta. The most amazing thing about a cape style dupatta is that it not only adds a graceful touch to your lehenga, but the draping style changes the look of the entire outfit.

Statement blouse piece

What do you look for when you shop for designer lehenga choli in India? The first thing every bride wants to be noticed is the design of the blouse. It will be the blouse that adds authenticity to your lehenga.

Deep V neck

Deep V necks are in great demand today, as you can pair them with heavy jewelry or a thick choker and still look stunning. The deep V-neck formed the center stage of the collection and gave it its versatility by allowing it to be paired with any kind of lehenga for any occasion. It has become the bride's favorite neckline style.

Belt are popular

Style your lehenga with a belt or kamar bandh to stay on trend this wedding season. This is because a bridal belt keeps your dupatta in the proper place and gives you an unconventional look. Today, belts have become a statement accessory that no bride wants to miss on her special day.

Double dupatta

This year, most of the brides seem to style their bridal lehengas with a double dupatta. We can say this trend of styling double dupattas is worth the hype. This style will look elegant on every bride on her wedding day.

Multi color embroidery

More and more brides have been opting to wear these multicoloured lehengas on their wedding days, and they have looked drop dead gorgeous.

Although the variety of lehenga colors available can be overwhelming, although multicolored fabrics have been seen, multicolored embroidery is extra luxurious for the bride who might be looking for an opulent way to play on the colorful trend.

Story based traditional lehenga

Every bride has a different choice, so they design their lehenga according to their unique thoughts and concepts. If you are the type who loves the trend of a concept based, unique outfit, then you can opt for the story base lehenga. You can even get your own love story narrated on your wedding lehenga, or you can consider getting something personalized on your bridal dupatta. This personalized and story base lehenga will not only add uniqueness to your outfit but will also add beauty to your overall look.

Veil Dupatta

The bride opts for the veil dupatta style for their bridal entry on their big day. The veil dupatta has set a benchmark for the bride in 2023. The bridal veil dupatta is the net extension that will instantly uplift the bridal look and make it more dreamy. Today, brides are experimenting with the veil dupatta, like printing wedding hashtags on the border of the veil dupatta. It will look ethereal and add charm to your look.

So, if you are a bride-to-be and enjoy staying on top of the trends, these lehengas will help you create special twists on the classics. The most important thing is to choose an outfit that you are comfortable with so that you can enjoy your big day. If you are looking to buy lehenga choli online at an affordable range then Comprro is the right place for your dream lehenga.

We hope these trends help you find and curate your dream wedding lehenga choli for your big day.