Embrace the summer vibes with Bandhani Sarees

As heat waves  continue to break all previous records,  women are searching for ways to stay cool while still looking radiant.  Fortunately for women, bandhani sarees have got them covered in every season,  thanks to their lightweight and breathable fabric.  With vibrant colours, alluring prints, trendy patterns, Bandhani sarees have become a summer staple for women of every age.

Whether it's wearing them to an engagement party or your own 25th anniversary, bandhani prints never go out of trend. They offer timeless elegance that is perfect for the summer season.

Keep reading to explore why bandhani sarees are timeless elegance this summer season and explore the collection from Comprro.

What makes Bandhani sarees the favourite of all women in the summer season?

Lightweight fabric 

Bandhani sarees are crafted with lig fabrics such as cotton, georgette and others that are comfortable to wear and help you survive the scorching heat. The delicate nature of these fabrics keeps the wearer cool.


The lovely tie and dye patterns created in bandhani sarees often leave small gaps in the fabric during dyeing, enhancing breathability and allowing heat to escape.

Vibrant colours

Bandhani sarees offer a wide range of vibrant colors, reflecting the summer season's cheerful mood. People can style themselves with the color that suits them best.


Due to their versatility, bandhani sarees can be comfortably worn to any occasion throughout the day, making them a go-to option for women who want to showcase their style and stand out.

Considering the factors discussed above clearly makes bandhani sarees a mainstream style. Be it red bandhani sarees, green bandhani saree or georgette bandhani sarees; it will always stay in trend and be every woman's favourite choice.

Unfold the history of bandhani sarees

Do you know the history of bandhani sarees you've been obsessed with?

The history of the bandhani sarees dates back to the 7th century when they emerged using natural methods. Women would spend months completing one saree using the tie and dye technique.

In addition to their household responsibilities, women in Gujarat and Rajasthan were also involved in the task of tying the motifs and dyeing them. This reflected their desire to craft sarees for all women seeking a more relaxed lifestyle.

Over the years, the bandhani sarees style has continued to evolve while maintaining their traditional essence. During the 1960s, with the rise of the hippie movement, designers started embracing the art of tie and dye by wearing and promoting the bandhani collection. It was considered auspicious for new brides to flaunt in red tie-dye sarees or new mothers who were often gifted a yellow bandhani saree.

However, due to bandhani sarees' rapidly growing demand, it's considered one of the preferable sarees as it fits any occasion.

Bandhani sarees: Discover the effortless style that matches your vibe!

At Comprro, we believe that sarees are all about finding the perfect blend of ethnic and contemporary styles. We have a wide variety of bandhani sarees that cater to the needs of every woman who wants to be free spirited in the functions while staying connected to their roots. From leheriya work to georgette fabric, each saree is designed with intense craftsmanship to swirl and twirl around.

So, are you excited to amp up your fashion game with the exclusive bandhani saree design latest collection?

Hopefully yes! So, get ready to explore and shop for the best bandhani sarees online.

Pink bandhani print border saree

Imagine your college farewell party, where you want to showcase your style while feeling comfortable on a hot summer day. For this event, a pink or yellow bandhani print border saree is the perfect choice.

Buy Pink Bandhani Print Border Saree

Its elegant and most alluring designs, paired with full sleeves blouse, will surely fetch you maximum compliments with minimum efforts. Moreover, the comfortable georgette fabric will keep you at ease throughout the day.

Black georgette bandhani printed satin saree

If black is your all-time favorite color and you're attending a family function, don't hesitate to opt for the black georgette bandhani printed satin saree.

It’s crafted with a satin border and georgette blouse that sparkles bright in the night under the moonlight, making you stand out in the crowd.

Buy Black Georgette Bandhani Printed saree

You can also wear our black and white georgette saree that will perfectly compliment your look for the family function.

Green georgette bandhani saree

Get ready to flaunt the most exquisite piece of green georgette saree for a religious pooja at your place. This saree not only adds grace to your look but also keeps you comfortable and confident throughout the day.

Buy Green Georgette Bandhani Printed Saree

Don't forget that we have a wide range of colour options to choose from: yellow and orange georgette bandhani saree, green and black bandhani saree and many more.

How to style bandhani sarees

To style a black bandhani saree for a family function, pair it up with pumps and a flower bun hairstyle with long earrings that will surely catch everyone's attention.

For a college farewell, choose a pink or yellow bandhani print and style it with neutral wedges. Add a touch of mascara, nude lipstick and keep your hair open. We’re pretty sure it will give you a perfect vibe!

If you have a family function, go for a green georgette bandhani saree. Style it with golden jhumkas and maang tikka, completing the look with a suitable hairstyle.

Summing up

Bring out your inner fashionista and upgrade your closet with the exclusive Bandhani saree collection with Comprro!.

So, next time you go for a function, ditch the regular sarees and opt for something that outshines your personality!

It’s time to leave the crowd speechless with the Comprro collection!