Every woman loves buying the best saree for a special occasion to look like a queen. They want to present an image of a sophisticated diva who commands all the attention for the day. But it is also essential to feel comfortable at the same time. There are numerous ways to wear the saree to look stylish. A saree looks beautiful when draped in an everyday style, but there are other ways to make it look good on you.

So, read on to find the chic and in-trend saree draping ideas which let you take a break from the conventional style.

Gujarati style

Gujarati draping style The saree is one of the most popular saree draping styles that gives women a feeling of luxury and tastefulness. Gujarati style sarees are the perfect choice if you have an exotic design in the pallu of the saree you want to show off. This draping style is well suited for any occasion. Another name for the Gujarati saree is the seedha pallu style.Unlike common styles, we drape the Gujarati saree in an anticlockwise fashion. At the end of the draping, bring the pallu from back to front on your right shoulder and tuck the free end into your left waist. This draping style is common in Gujarat and UP, MP, Rajasthan, and Bihar. This Stylish designer saree makes you look slim too! For this kind of drape, you can go for sarees like patola, lehariya, and banarasi.

Double draping style

The double saree is unique and innovative because it is made by draping two sarees together. This draping style is quite popular with fashionistas today as it is a blend of both modern and traditional looks. The double saree drape creates a rich, colorful, and voluminous look. In this draping style, you have one pallu on one shoulder and a pleated pallu on the other. You can even use a gorgeous dupatta to add up as a pallu to achieve this draping style. This is a chic alternative to the conventional single-saree drape and a great way to style sarees of all types.

Lehenga style

Why go after a costly lehenga when you could drape a beautiful saree in the lehenga saree style for the wedding? This style is very easy to achieve. All you have to do is pleat the nine-yard saree, with some left for the pallu. It looks both grand and graceful and is a perfect draping style for a saree for any occasion. You can own the look by adding statement earrings and bangles.

Mermaid style

The mermaid style is one of the most popular styles of saree draping and has gained a huge following. This draping style makes the woman look slim. It is a fusion of both traditional and modern, and it gives a beautiful hourglass figure. It creates a tight skirt with a fishtail appearance at the bottom. This draping style works best with flowing fabrics like georgette and chiffon sarees with an eye-catching border. Young girls can rock this Stylish designer saree effortlessly.

Mumtaz style

If you want to be the head-turner at your next gathering, get a retro look by draping your saree popularized by the legendary actress Mumtaz. This draping style saree is one of the most popular styles because it highlights your figure while also adding sensuality to you. This style is the top choice for retro-themed parties. The key to wearing this type of saree is to wear it in layers.

Belt style

Styling a saree with a belt is one of the simplest looks to achieve. This draping style adds a panache to the saree with a solid color or self-print to cinch your waist. It makes you look slimmer and gives a unique touch to your overall look. The saree with the belt style is a blend of both traditional and modern touches. When you wear a saree with a belt, a blouse with a different style will enhance your appearance.

Neck wrap style

The neck wrap style is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your saree a fresh twist. This style gives women a bold, beautiful, and brave look. In this style, wrap the pallu of your saree around your neck. Pair it up with a blouse that has a heavy sleeve and some statement earrings for a sophisticated look.

Pant style

If you are one of the people who love to try something new and fresh, then you can go with a pant-style saree. It is an excellent blend of Indian and Western expressions. The best thing is that you can pair this with high heels and look like a bomb. This look is both stylish and comfortable. Lighter fabrics, such as linen, georgette, and cotton silk, work well with this style. Whether a party function or a wedding celebration, a pants-style saree is the best choice.

Open pallu style

Anyone who enjoys wearing sarees will undoubtedly have fallen in love with the open pallu for its alluring fluidity and grace. However, few people can resist the beauty and rawness of an open, non-pleated saree pallu. A designer saree, stylized pallu or a regal weave like Banarasi are both beautiful things that you wouldn't want to conceal!

Jacket style

It's time to spice up your designer saree with a jacket and rock it like a diva! Whether you opt for a peplum-style jacket or a cape-style jacket with open arms, they make a wonderful pair with your saree for any occasion. The jackets are regal and unique, and they complement the outfit, making it seem wholesome. An ensemble with a jacket is great for day and evening events.

Dhoti style

Dhoti-style sarees are a trendy and trending draping style among fashion lovers. It's time to try the "dhoti" style drape if you worry about falling over in a saree. This look is simple and quick to put on. Make sure to go for a fabric like a chiffon to neatly display the drape of this style. The Dhoti drape looks cool and sassy and keeps you comfortable all day long.

We hope this article gave you inspiration and ideas for draping a saree in new ways. With the number of different styles of draping a saree to look gorgeous on a special occasion, you have to pick the one that suits you the best.

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Let us know which style you are picking.